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Plastic Sup

Plastic Sup Plastic Sup Plastic Sup


Every now and then, something really new and exciting pokes its head up in the world of paddlesports.

This is one of those times. Paddleboarding is this fantastic mix of surfing and kayaking all rolled up into one.

It's the freedom and sexiness of surfing combined with the versatility of kayaking.

It is everything recreational paddlers have been waiting for which is why paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport in the world.

The Aloha is made the same way as a sit on top kayak so it's almost unbreakable.

This means your investment will last for years and years.

The Aloha has a rocker curve, bow volume, rail shape and sidewall shape that look and function like a river running kayak.

The bottom concaves, outline and tail shape are closer to an ocean surfing SUP.

The hatches which access the inside allow you to transport everything from fishing supplies to picnic lunches.

From lakes to rivers (even easy whitewater) to the open ocean, the Aloha is guaranteed to be a good time, every time.



Length: 332 cm

Width: 88 cm


Board Load: 22 kg

Max. Load: 310 L

Fins: 3


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